Romy Aura Maloon
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Over 40,000 synthetic flowers, zip ties, electrical wire, aluminum, landscaping mesh  

15ft long x 28 ft. wide

Calibrate was originally conceived for and funded by The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs ELEVATE 2014. I hosted workshops dubbed “knitting circles” to invite the community to help create the work.

“For this work I, along with help of our Atlanta community, will cover the front façade of an unoccupied downtown Atlanta building with vibrant synthetic flowers. These flowers will move together to create the form of an SMPTE pattern. The patterned floral will be roughly 15ft. long and 28ft. wide, covering the outside of a vacant building in the historic Fairlie-Poplar district. Synthetic flowers are a recognizable, ubiquitous material with a soft and elaborate texture.

The theme of ELEVATE 2014 is Social Cities; in order to make the work and invite community engagement, I will adhere thousands of synthetic flowers onto rolls of landscaping garden mesh, with the help of the Atlanta community at various “Flower Knitting Circles.” In order to expand my reach and invite other communities to engage.”

In 2018 the work was reconfigured and presented in the carillon at Ghirardelli Square and again at One Times Square in New York City.

This project was presented and sponsored by The City of Atlanta Mayor’s Office of Cultural Affairs ELEVATE 2014. Made possible by Dashboard, Atlanta Contemporary, with support from The Creatives Project (TCP) at their Ponce City Market and the Atlanta Arts Festival locations.


Elevate 2014: Romy Maloon's 'Calibrate' Gives Downtown The Floral Treatment

3. CalibrateForElevate.jpg
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